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Recycling Bottles


Domestic products

Despite the winding down of the North-east Recycling Association (NERA) in 2017, residents of Mattice-Val Côté are able to continue recycling their domestic recyclable products (paper, plastic, aluminum) by leaving them in a container located in near the municipal complex. Once full, that container is transported to the Hearst recycling dome.  The contents are thereafter sent to the Timmins transfer station.

Domestic batteries

People can recycle small used batteries, typically inserted in household appliances, at the municipal office. When a box is full, we send it to our consignee. If there is corrosion on the batteries, they must be thrown away. 


People can bring used tires to the landfill site and leave them in the recycling pile set aside for this purpose.



People can bring used metal and metal products to the landfill site and leave them in the recycling container set aside for this purpose.


Electrical and electronic items

Where to recycle?  Bring your old electrical and electronic devices to the landfill and put them inside one of the plastic containers set aside for this purpose.


What to recycle?  Any device with a power outlet, with a cord or with a battery.

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