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Lottery Licenses

Section 206 of the Criminal Code provides that any person participating in a lottery commits an indictable offense.


Section 207, however, provides that a charitable or religious organization may conduct a lottery under a license issued by the appropriate provincial authority if the proceeds of the lottery are used for charitable or religious purposes.


Role of the Municipality 

The Municipality has the authority to issue licenses for most lottery activities taking place in the community, including licenses for bingo activities (where the total value of prizes awarded is less than $5,500), for the draws valued at less than $50,000, and for most break open ticket lottery licenses.


Eligibility Guidelines - Questionnaire 

The following questions may be used to help assess the eligibility of the applicant.

Which of the four classifications of charitable objects do the primary purposes of the organization match?

  • A - The relief of poverty;

  • B- The advancement of education;

  • C - The advancement of religion; or

  • D - Any other charitable purposes beneficial to the community that does not fall under A, B or C.

If it does not fit into any of the above categories, the organization cannot submit for a license application.


If your organization is eligible, you must then answer the following questions:

  • Is the organization established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes that benefit Ontario residents?

  • Is the charitable benefit to be achieved by the applicant denied to any segment of the community?

  • Does a large portion or percentage of the community as a whole benefit by the fundraising of the applicant?

  • Is the applicant properly organized such that it is separate from any other organization (i.e., legally, financially, organizationally)?

  • Has the applicant been in operation for at least one year, and have a proven charitable mandate? (Note: If not, the organization is not eligible.)

  • Is there a person or persons who will assume full responsibility for the operation and conduct of the event?

  • For what will the proceeds of the licensed event be used, and is the intended use consistent with the classification?

  • Does the organization have a place of business in Ontario?


To access the application and report forms:

Municipal Lottery Licensing Fees: 3% of total proposed prize

For more information, please call the municipal office (705-364-6511) or visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website.

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