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Fire Protection

The Mattice-Val Côté Fire Department is currently (January 2022) comprised of 18 volunteer firefighters, including a Fire Chief, a Deputy Chief and a few captains. 

The Department provides the following core services:

  1. Structural firefighting: external fire attack only, based on the number of firefighters available and the equipment available to them;

  2. Grass and brush firefighting, in accordance with our agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests;

  3. Fire prevention and public education services;

  4. Other services such as the Mutual Aid program with surrounding communities, participation in the municipal emergency plan, etc.

Please note that the Department does NOT have the ability or the means to perform internal fire attacks, vehicle extrication, or internal search and rescue.

The volunteer firefighters usually meet every two weeks to obtain training, test equipment, etc.

There are two fire halls in the Municipality: one in Mattice, and the other in Val Côté.  The Department has two fire trucks and one pumper.

The Department is always looking for new volunteers. For more information, please contact Kevin Grenon, Fire Chief, by email at

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