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Property Taxes

Payment Options


1. Pre-authorized payment plans

Our pre-authorized tax payment plans enable you to make 12 monthly payments or four instalment payments per year that are withdrawn from your bank account and credited to your property tax account.


Plans available:

Plan A:  payment on the 1st of each month

Plan B:  payment on the 15th of each month

Plan C:  payment on due date


Those who would like to join the pre-authorized payment plan must register before September 1st. Note that your municipal taxes must be fully paid at the time of registration, and we will need a void cheque. Stop by the municipal office or contact us at 705-364-6511 for more information or to register. You can also complete the registration form and return it by email to with a void cheque. 

2. Financial institutions

You can pay your taxes at one of the following financial institutions: Caisse Alliance, CIBC, Scotiabank, or through online banking. To pay your taxes through online banking, you will need to sign on to your financial institution's secure website and use your property 19-digit roll number, which is on the top left corner of your tax bill.

3. In person

You can pay your property taxes at the municipal office by cheque, cash, debit or credit card (note that a 2.65% transaction fee will be added if you use a credit card).

Interest and Penalties

Interest is added to all outstanding or overdue taxes on the first day of each month. The rate of interest is established by a municipal by-law and applied to all arrears (1.25% per month; 15% per year).

Mailing Address Change

In order to keep mailing addresses up to date, we ask that you notify us of any changes by calling 705-364-6511 or emailing with the owner's full name and roll number.

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