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Water & Sewer

In operation since 2005, the current Mattice water treatment plant serves the residences and businesses located in the village, between the Missinaibi River and the municipal complex. Outside of this immediate area, wells are needed to access drinking water.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency, better known under the acronym of OCWA, is the operating authority for the water treatment plant and the water distribution system.

Sewer systems and lagoons are in place in the villages of Mattice and Val Côté.   OCWA is in charge of those operations as well. Outside the villages, septic tanks must be used, and the Porcupine Health Unit then becomes the governing authority.

There are numerous laws and regulations in place to ensure the quality of drinking water and to protect the environment. The Municipality receives the results of the weekly tests conducted on potable water, along with annual reports prepared to ensure compliance of our systems and installations.

The costs of operating the water and sewer systems are reviewed annually by municipal Council.  The user fees are added to the property tax bill.

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