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Catholic School

The first St-François-Xavier School was built in 1933, behind the church, on Melrose Avenue in Mattice. This school initially consisted of two classrooms. Two other rooms were added in 1945, two others in 1953 and finally the last two were added in 1955. The school abandoned these premises in 1976 and the building was demolished on October 29, 1977.

Today, the school is located at 189 Balmoral Avenue. Built in 1960, it was initially called St-Joseph School and had four classrooms. In 1972, a kindergarten classroom was added, along with a gymnasium and a room for nurses and guidance. In 1976, the St-François-Xavier Catholic School, as we know it today, moved into this school.

St-François-Xavier Catholic School is not only the neighbourhood school for students from kindergarten to Grade 8, but also the heart and a source of great pride for our community. The public library located within our premises has proved to be an essential addition for members of our community, our students and staff. 

At St-François-Xavier Catholic School, we offer quality education that promotes the development of all students. It is thanks to the support of members of our community, as well as a committed and dedicated staff, that our students enjoy great success. The involvement of parents and volunteers is unequaled. Your gestures, words and actions directly contribute to the academic success and the Catholic and Francophone pride of our students. 

Welcome to the neighborhood school, the St-François-Xavier Catholic School.

To reach us 

By telephone : 705-364-4251

On Facebook :  St-François-Xavier

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